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Silicon-on-Sapphire pressure transducers offer a significant improvement in performance over bonded foil strain gage and diffused semiconductor technologies at competitive prices.
Product categories
SEN-500 Submersible Oceanic Pressure & Temperature Transmitter/Transducer
Subsea Blowout Prevention, Subsea Trees, MUX Control Systems, Drilling Mud Measurement, Towed Arrays, Wellhead Measurements.
SEN-600 Wing Union Pressure Transmitter
Drilling, Acidizing, Wellhead Meas- urements, Mud Logging, Cementing, Standpipe, Well Stimulation, Pressure Checks
SEN-1000 Downhole Subminiature Pressure Transmitter
Livewire Logging, Cementing, Fracturing, Measurement While Drilling, Logging, Wellhead Measurements.