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Sensonetics is a manufacturer of Silicon-On-Sapphire Temperature and Pressure Transducers that feature high accuracy, stability and sensitivity while withstanding temperatures up to 700F.

Armen Sahagen holds patents regarding silicon-on-sapphire pressure transducers that has led the pressure transducer industry in product development.
Armen Sahagen
(1928- 2005)
Armen Sahagen received his Masters Degree in Solid State Physics from the University of Southern California. In 1954 Armen helped establish Pacific Semiconductors which later became TRW Semiconductors. After this he was hired by Hughes Aircraft Company as Engineering Manager for the silicon wafer fab. In 1962 he became President of Western Semiconductors. After this, Standard Rectifier and Powerec, Inc. were formed by Armen. In 1995, Armen Sahagen started his SOS transducer line with the help of Sensotron. After Armen licensed his transducer patents to Sensonetics and Minebea he was hired to sustain and improve upon these patents. Mr. Sahagen is the innovator and original patent holder of silicon-on-sapphire pressure and temperature transducers, transmitters and sensors. Armen went on to develop another patent while at Sensonetics for an optical composition probe which can be combined with his silicon-on-sapphire pressure transducer for a complete analysis of the subject medium.