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Sensonetics, Inc. offers a safer, mercury free silicon-on-sapphire (SOS) pressure transducer, pressure transmitter and optical sensor products that can operate at ultra high temperatures. Sensonetics offers sensor products for food, medical, plastic melt, extrusion, blow molding, injection molding, mold cavity, hydraulic systems, aerospace, military, petroleum, downhole, deep water, submersible deep water and subsea applications. Space applications requiring gamma radiation protection will use this SOS technology.

Sensonetics have designed and manufactured pressure transducers for companies such as the Boeing, Dow Chemicals, Nova Chemicals, US Navy, General Dynamics, Kraft Foods, NASA, US Air Force, Northrup Grumman and Cameron Drilling. Our team's QMS (Quality Management System) is based on the AS9100 QMS which is tailored for the Aerospace and Military sensor products. Our Silicon-on-Sapphire Pressure Transducer have unusually high temperature capabilities coupled with long-term accuracy and precision of the combined temperature and pressure transducer digital outputs.

Direct in-line, real time pressure transducer and temperature transducer measurement with these sapphire diaphragms will eliminate transfer tubes filled with mercury and mercury related safety issues. Our high temperature, chemically inert and abrasion resistant sapphire diaphragms are standard features of the transducer products.

Sensonetics has the capability to design custom pressure and temperature transducer products to suit your requirements including CAD and CAM design capabilities.
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