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SEN-300 Hydraulic Pressure/Temperature Transducers
Hydraulic Test Stands, Injection Molding Machines, Paper Machines, Sterilizers, Liquid Level, Gas Pipelines

The State-of-the-Art Silicon-on-Sapphire Pressure Transducers has a proven track record in the aerospace, plastics and downhole markets. Piezoresistive strain gauges are epitaxially grown onto a single crystal radiation hardened structure. Sapphire is a perfect electrical insulator that does not require diode isolation junctions found on a diffused semiconductor pressure transducer. Sapphire is chemically inert allowing compatibility with virtually all media.

Sensonetics' model 300 pressure transducers offer a significant improvement in performance over bonded foil strain gage and diffused semiconductor technologies at competitive prices. These transducers are perfect for high volume OEM applications on hydraulic test stands, injection molding machines, paper machines, sterilizers, liquid level, gas pipelines and other applications where rugged high accuracy pressure measurements are required.

Available with a variety of pressure ports and electrical connectors, the Sen-300 series transducer has custom packaging for high volume OEM applications. Fully compensated temperature ranges above those available from foil strain gage technologies, up to 500°F can be ordered today.

If accuracy, stability and price are important to you, consider a Sen-300 Series Silicon-on-Sapphire Pressure Transducer for your pressure measurement requirement.

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