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SEN-421/422 Extrusion Melt Pressure Transmitter
Melt Pressure & Temperature Transmitters for Extrusion, Fiber Spinning, Food Processing, Polymer Plants, Chemical Process, Pharmaceuticals, Refineries, Oil & Gas

S-O-S technology does not require high-temperature isolation of the sensing diaphragm, thereby eliminating the need for mercury, NaK Fill or push rods. The sapphire diaphragm is fifty times harder than stainless steel, making it virtually impervious to wear due to abrasion. In addition, the SEN-421 and SEN-422 are the world's only Factory Mutual approved, non-mercury filled melt pressure and pressure/temperature transmitters.

The SEN-421 Pressure Transmitter features an advanced 2-Wire, 4-20mA amplifier which accommodates a wide range of supply voltages. For ease of calibration, there is minimal interaction between the amplifier's zero and span adjustments. The system also features lead reversal and short circuit protection.

The SEN-422 Pressure/Temperature Transmitter incorporates a silicon RTD on the sapphire force-collection diaphragm located at the tip of the transducer. This RTD/Sapphire diaphragm is thermally isolated from the mounting wells. The result is a reliable transmitter that measures surface media temperature and pressure, while maintaining its accuracy over long periods of time. Moreover, it does not protrude into the melt stream and disrupt laminar fl‚ow.

Sensonetic's combined pressure/temperature transmitters provide reliable measurement and control of a process's most important parameters, thus enabling users to protect equipment and personnel, increase production rates and to perform diagnostic tests.

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