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Plastic Melt Products
Sensonetic's SEN-421 and SEN-422 Pressure Transmitters utilize the same State-of-the-Art Silicon-on-Sapphire technology as used in the revolutionary SEN-401 and SEN-402 which have established a proven track record for accuracy, reliability and durability in the thermoplastics and food extrusion industries.
Product categories
SEN-400 Extrusion Melt Pressure Transducer
Melt Pressure Transducer & Temperature Transducer combined for Extrusion, Blow Molding, Compounding, Film & Sheet.
SEN-421/422 Extrusion Melt Pressure Transmitter
Melt Pressure Transmitters & Temperature Transmitters combined for Extrusion, Fiber Spinning, Food Processing, Polymer Plants.
SEN-400 Mold Cavity Pressure & Temperature Sensors
Blow Molding, Compression Molding, Chemical Process, Injection Molding, Insert molding, RTM and SMC.
SEN-400 Nozzle Pressure Transducers with Temperature
The principal benefit of nozzle melt pressure and temperature process control is improved shot weight uniformity...